Patented DC Power disconnects is your one stop resource for Patented DC Power disconnects. These are the most Cost Effective DC Power disconnects available anywhere. We specialize in products engineered for your safety, convenience, and improved serviceability of all battery backup systems.

Safety Engineered
The addition of our patented DC disconnect allows your service professionals to disconnect any given battery plant from the rest of the power system and therefore the network. With the switch in the "off" position or the fuse removed, any technician can safely perform maintenance duties on each individual battery string. This removes the threat of a voltage fluctuation or even a short to ground being visible to any traffic carrying equipment.

Universal Applications
The offerings include application specific products designed to fit precisely into any situation requiring the addition of a safety disconnect including universal solutions designed to be wall mounted or added to existing equipment racks. Disconnect designs available for top terminal disconnects, side mounted disconnects, universal wall mounts,and strut mounted versions.

Fused and/or Circuit Breaker
Fused and Circuit Breaker products are easily installed for any specific battery system or DC disconnect application. In many cases, the same cables can be utilized reducing the time and expense of retrofitting.


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